FSC Friday

Today’s easiest choice

Imagine having two whiteboards with equal quality and pricing. The only difference is that one contains sustainable wood, and the other doesn’t. Which one do you choose?

FSC Friday

Today, we want to draw your attention to sustainable forest management. We do this in partnership with the international Forest Stewardship Council®, or FSC. This is an international organisation which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests.


We support these principles by using FSC wood in our products without effecting the sales price of our products. (Licence code C137061) Ask us for a list of FSC products

Collaboration based onsustainability

The German mail order company Kaiser+Kraft chooses to include Smit Visual whiteboards in their assortment. Besides quality, sustainability certifications are the main conditions in their choice of suppliers.


Every year, we incorporate around 190 m3 wood in our products for Kaiser+Kraft (data based on 2017). That would mean that in 2018, we are protecting around:

7.259 M² of forest- for 30 years!

Let’s protect our forests together!

All our Chameleon whiteboards contain FSC wood, see them here!