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Modern entrepreneurship is about taking future generations into account. Smit Visual (manufacturer of Chameleon) acknowledges the important role that manufacturers play in making society more sustainable. Working towards achieving milestones along this route is a daily process for us, and certification is the simplest way of gauging our success in this regard.

FSC® certified

We reduce our CO2 emissions

ISO14001:2015 certified

We are FSC® certified. As a FSC certified manufacturer, we can prove that the materials we use originate from sustainable forestry. Moreover, the wood can be traced throughout the chain – from the forest to the final product. Ask for more information about specific FSC labelling of products

Certificate FSC

The Chameleon production process is 100% CO2 neutral. We take concrete steps to reduce our emissions and plant trees to compensate for the remaining emissions. This is done through the globally recognised certificate Trees For All.

CO2 Trees For All

The ISO14001:2015 certificate confirms that our environmental management system meets this international standard.

Certificate ISO14001:2015

Chameleon Whiteboards are green!

This video explains how we ensure our products are sustainable.