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Customised wall + Acoustics

Create a wall-sized writing/pinning surface that fits exactly in the available space, extending from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling or in any other format

Add colour and acoustic values to your whiteboard.

Whiteboard: lifetime of perfect writing and erasing

The creative shape of the whiteboard and the felt follow each other’s contours in detail.

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Chameleon custom-made whiteboard walls are supplied with a very easy assembly system. You assemble them using magnetic plates measuring 30×30 cm (for whiteboard panels) and 5 x 30 cm (for PET felt panels), which you screw onto the wall according to the instructions on the project-specific drawing. The panels can then be firmly attached to the wall using magnets and easily lined up with each other. The wall should be straight and even.

Chameleon also offers the option of outsourcing the measuring and assembly of your whiteboard or PET felt wall. Fast, professional and without leaving a mess. Contact us for more information.