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Modular Education boards

Chameleon education boards are connectable whiteboards with the exact format for 88-inch or 100-inch projection respectively, including space for a touch sensor. Linking panels can be used to vary in width.

Writing and projecting on a single surface

Modular expansion possible

Customisation possible


Chameleon Modular Education Boards are supplied with a very easy assembly system. You assemble them using magnetic plates measuring 30×30 cm, which you screw onto the wall according to the instructions on the project-specific drawing. The panels can then be firmly attached to the wall using magnets and easily lined up with each other. The wall should be straight and even.

Assembly service

Our products and solutions are designed in such a way that assembly is relatively simple. However, there are many reasons for outsourcing assembly. In that case, our assembly team is on hand.

  • The assembly team brings the product(s) you ordered.
  • Assembly is performed fast, skilled and efficiently in the chosen place.
  • Rooms are vacuumed and left neat and tidy.
  • Our planning department is flexible and service-oriented. Date and time can be arranged to suit you.

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